Comprehensive Demolition Services

Complete Solutions for Demolition Problems

Demolition plans, no matter how big or small, should only be carried out with the help of experts. Turn to Catclaw Contractors in Tucson, AZ for tried and tested demolition solutions. Whether you require partial or total demolition, we have you covered. We do our job quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Whatever the scope of your demolition project, we can handle it for you from start to finish.

Our Services Include:

Addition and Renovation
Asbestos and Lead Survey and Removal
Asphalt Cuttingl
Asphalt Tear-Out
Asphalt Work
Block Walls Service
Building Cleaning
Complete Demolition Service
Concrete Breaking
Concrete Cutting
Concrete Removal
Concrete Sawing
Debris Removal
Driveway Pads Service
Electric Sawing
Emergency Cleanup
Exterior Demolition
Floor Demolition
Flooring Removal
Full and Partial Structure Removal
Heavy Concrete Demolition
Industrial Demolition
Interior Concrete Demolition
Interior Demolition
Piece-By-Piece Dismantling
(For Reuse or Salvage)
Saw Cutting and Coring
Selective Demolition
Site Cleanup and Hauling
Site Demo
Site Work
Structural Concrete Demolition
Structural Demolition
Tenant Improvement (TI)
Tree Removal

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