Professional Demolition Solutions

Trusted by a Wide Range of Property Owners

Demolishing a building is dangerous and time consuming, which is why this task should only be done by professionals. For outstanding industrial, commercial, and residential demolition solutions, go to Catclaw Contractors. We are the demolition company of choice in Tucson, AZ because we utilize innovative ways when doing our job. Whether you require interior demolition services for your home or exterior demolition solutions for your office, we are at your service.

Types of Projects We Handle:

Airport Runways
Animal Hospitals and Kennels
Apartments and Condominiums
Arenas and Stadiums
Assisted Living Establishments
Athletic Fields
Auto Dealerships
Churches and Synagogues
City and Town Halls
Civil and Site Developments
Club Houses and Community Centers
Court Houses
Dams and Levies
Data Centers - Mission Critical
Educational Establishments (K-12)
Fire and Police Stations
Fitness Centers
Gas Stations
Golf Courses
Grocery Stores
Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Hotels and Motels
Jails and Prisons
Manufacturing Plants
Medical Offices
Miscellaneous Projects
Mixed-Use Developments
Non-Building Constructions
Non-Residential Buildings
Office Buildings
Parking Garages
Parking Lots
Parks and Playgrounds
Post Offices
Power Generation and Distribution Systems
Pre-Manufactured Structures
Radio and Television Stations
Residential Buildings
Retail Stores
Roads and Highways
Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Secure and Shielded Facilities
Sewages and Water Treatment Plants
Single Family Residential Homes
Storage Facilities and Warehouses
Swimming Pools
Tennis Courts
Terminals (Airport, Bus, and Railroad)
Theme Parks
Tract Housings

Other Building Aspects We Specialize In:

Design-Build (D-B)
Historic Preservation
Industrial Maintenance
Lighting Retrofitting
Renewable Energy

Have Your Demolition Needs Addressed Today

We believe that reliable demolition services should be accessible. This is why we offer our services at affordable costs while maintaining the quality of our workmanship. Call us at (520) 760-0185 today and let us handle your demolition needs. Depending on the task at hand, our demolition specialists will utilize either conventional or state-of-the-art mechanical equipment to ensure that your requirements are thoroughly addressed.